Benchmarking capacities expanded considerably


Our benchmarking capacity was expanded further due to the huge level of demand. Insiders know that, if a customer expresses interest in making a purchase, the benchmarking department builds parts on the corresponding machine. These are then provided to the interested party to assess a wide range of purchase criteria, for example the quality of the surface finish or mechanical properties. The benchmark is thus our “reference workshop and therefore performs a vital role as part of the sales process.


This is why we invested 4.5 million EUR in increased plant availability. The range of machines for benchmarking now covers the full breadth of machines offered by our company, and therefore the largest range of build envelopes of any providers anywhere in the world. For example, 1 x M1 cusing, 2 x M2 cusing Mutilaser, 3 x Mlab cusing / R, an X line 1000R and an X line 2000R are now available for benchmarking. Our colleagues in benchmarking are currently handling around 80 - 100 enquiries per month, and this trend is increasing.