Chengdu Dent orders first Multilaser machine from Concept Laser for China


The additive metal laser melting process is used to carry out economical manufacturing of dental products such as crowns, caps, model castings and secondary structures. Thanks to the standardized manufacturing process, unique products or small batches can be produced with consistently high quality. This means that high-quality, perfectly fitting dentures can be made from cobalt-chromium, titanium or precious metal alloys – virtually overnight.

Chengdu Dent Dental Lab. Co., Ltd. is one of Concept Laser’s many references in the dental technology sector in China. The FDA-registered company (FDA = Food & Drug Administration, USA) has specialized in additively manufactured dentures and supplies products across the country with a primary focus on the west of China. For more than 20 years now, the company has been working with high-end solutions in the dental technology sector using CAD/CAM methods and the laser melting of metals.

Chengdu Dent has been working for quite some time with machines from Concept Laser: Its fleet of machines include two M1 cusing and one Mlab cusing R machine for processing reactive materials such as titanium.

In November 2015, we installed a new M2 cusing Multilaser with a 2x200 watt laser system at Chengdu Dent, and the intention is that the new machine will be used to manufacture large quantities of crowns and bridges. According to the company, the decision was very quickly made to order another machine from Concept Laser because the M2 cusing Multilaser was perfect for fairly large volumes and rapid set-up speeds. The filter surface area, which has quadrupled to 20 square meters, also played a considerable part in the decision as this means greater machine availability. In addition, the machine is “titanium-compatible.” The very positive experiences gained in the past did of course also count for a great deal: the general reliability and the faultless operation with its high levels of availability give the LaserCUSING® process a good reputation among the dental specialists. It is our first multilaser system in the “Middle Kingdom.”