Concept Laser's new look for the future


GE Additive sees itself as a large family with a common mission: offering the best possible products and services in the field of additive manufacturing to the global market and helping this technology reach its maximum potential. To highlight our solidarity and common mission, we're realigning our external appearance. GE Additive brands will be reorganized in a new brand family and share the same look and feel. Common color elements also substantiate the progressive convergence of all brands.

In concrete terms, this means that our brand name, and therefore our logo, will retain the "Concept Laser" typography. The previously used orange color will change to GE blue complimented with GE gray, however. The addition of "A GE Additive company" will also emphasize our group affiliation in the future. This corporate design transition will occur successively over the following weeks and months so that we will be visually part of the whole in the near future as well. Visitors to the Paris Air Show were able to check out the initial test run.