New parameter concept for greater flexibility and performance


Concept Laser continues to rely consistently on an open machine structure. This is true of modifications to process parameters right through to the future possibility of creating your own parameters all by yourself.

The following applies to the forthcoming CL WRX 2.0 software: here the customer is given a protected parameter which they can vary within certain ranges – by changing the percentage of values – and can therefore create a new parameter.

In the spring of 2016, a Parameter Editor will provide even greater flexibility. The objective is that, after receiving training, users will be able to develop and qualify parameters for their materials independently. Performance rather than an automated system is our guiding principle. We are convinced that this is the right approach: experienced users will be able to adapt their part construction better, more effectively and efficiently to specific geometries and materials.

This will then provide each customer with the opportunity to operate in a flexible and targeted way. As well as utilizing the very latest factory parameter status, it is also possible to optimize the parameter for the specific application. But in addition, the customer can also develop a completely new parameter if necessary.