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QM Cusing Power

03. November 2017
QM Cusing Power is the perfect addition to QM Fiber Power and uses a separate measuring device to record the laser power directly on the build area. This can ...

QM Meltpool 3D

03. November 2017
Bei QM Meltpool 3D handelt es sich um eine Schmelzbadüberwachung, die den entscheidenden Schritt des LaserCUSING®-Verfahrens mit einer Photodiode ...

X LINE 2000R

06. September 2017
The X LINE 2000R offers the largest build envelope available on the market for powderbed based 3D metal printers.

M2 cusing Multilaser

06. September 2017
The M2 is known as the workhorse of the Concept Laser machine suite. This machine occupies the sweet spot of build envelope, build rate, and precision, and is ...

AM Factory of Tomorrow 2017

06. September 2017
This video details how our M LINE FACTORY production units will work together in a modular production environment.

AM Factory of Tomorrow (Short)

27. July 2017
We are expanding in new dimensions in a visionary manner and presenting the additive series manufacturing of “Industry 4.0”: digitally networked and ...

AM Factory of Tomorrow

23. June 2017
The M LINE Factory is the foundation of our vision for the “AM Factory of Tomorrow” and is anchored on the principles of automation, interoperability, and ...

X LINE 2000R

16. June 2017
The X LINE 2000R is the largest powder-bed metal additive system in the world, with a build volume nearly twice that of the nearest competitor. The system is ...

QM Coating

02. June 2017
QM Coating regulates the dose factor of the metal powder during the build process and monitors its even distribution over the build surface. It is integrated into ...

Impacting Education: 3D Metal Printing at Orange Coast College with Concept Laser

29. January 2017
The future of 3D metal printing is dependent on education. Learn how Orange Coast College is making a difference in Orange County and beyond with their ...

Autonomous Vehicles Moving Modules Between Machines

17. November 2016
A short snippet of autonomous vehicles transporting modules (material or components) between machines at Formnext 2016. These Automated Guided ...

Industry Perspective: Interview with John Murray, CEO

28. October 2016
Pete Zelinski, Editor-in-Chief with Additive Manufacturing magazine interviewed John Murray, President and CEO of Concept Laser Inc. about Safety and Quality ...

Create Complex Geometrical Designs With Concept Laser

11. October 2016
An overview of Concept Laser's Parameter Editor which enables customers to edit their own parameters through an easy to use software module. For more info ...

How is metal 3D printing moving towards industrial applications?

07. October 2016
James Anderton from interviews John Murray, President of Concept Laser Inc at IMTS 2016 about how metal 3D printing is impacting various ...

Concept Laser M2 cusing

10. May 2016
The M2 cusing is the workhorse of the Concept Laser system fleet and has been designed with ultimate flexibility in mind. Whether your application is serial ...

M2 additive metal technology from Concept Laser

09. June 2015

Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2015 - Neue Formen der Konstruktion und Fertigung sind Thema eines Teams

Am 2. Dezember 2015 verleiht Bundespräsident Joachim Gauck den Deutschen Zukunftspreis, den Preis des Bundespräsidenten für Technik und Innovation. Drei Teams sind für die hochrangige Auszeichnung nominiert. Wir stellen kurz die Nominierungen im Video vor - Peter Sander informiert für sein Team über "3-D-Druck im zivilen Flugzeugbau - eine Fertigungsrevolution gebt ab".

Concept Laser Introduce The Factory of Tomorrow

Making a big splash at the inaugural Frankfurt event was German metal 3D printer manufacturer, Concept Laser with its new Factory of Tomorrow machine and Architecture Dr Florian Bechmann talks to TCT about the launch.

Nominierungen zum Deutschen Zukunftspreis 2015

Drei Teams sind mit ihren Arbeiten für die Endrunde der Preisvergabe nominiert. Sie wurden im Deutschen Museum in München der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt.

Peter Sander - Airbus Operations GmbH - "Vision 3D" – Keynote-Session Rapid.Tech 2015, Erfurt

On the way to Additive Layer Manufacturing: Chances & Challenges for the future industrial production

Cendres + Métaux: Edelwhite® (Weißgold)

Additive Fertigung von Uhrengehäuse und Schmuck aus dem Werkstoff Edelwhite® (Weißgold) der Firma Cendres + Metaux

ULA Innovation: Additive Manufacturing

The future technology Additive Manufacturing at ULA, America's Ride to Space